In today’s world, huge data can be gathered almost instantaneously by advanced computers in state-of-the-art data warehouses. Yet, there seems to be a disjoint in our ability to accurately analyse these data. We seem to lack the necessary skills to ask the “right question”, and therefore we miss the information and knowledge that can be derived from those data, knowledge lost in the midst of “big data”.

If the situation above rings true with you, either individually or in your organization, then I can help guide you through the data clutter so you will be able to see the true message behind your data.

I provide the following consulting services:

  • Analysing organizational data properly by asking the “right questions” and deriving intelligent results that are relevant to your organizational goals.
  • Creation of standardized reports and dashboards, automatically linked to your data warehouses for future use.
  • Development of comprehensive and long-term business intelligence framework and data analysis strategy.

Mail me at for more information on my consulting services. You may also participate in my forum’s consulting section or fill-out this contact form.┬áConsulting rates will be based on work complexity.