This section highlights selected portfolios that I have developed throughout my career and decided to display here. Details of each portfolio, where necessary, may have been edited to protect confidentiality of the source data. Click on each image for full size view to the portfolio. Also, some of the titles contain links to posts explaining about the portfolios further.

Tender Compliance Dashboard

Tender Compliance Dashboard

Dashboard that shows summary of the result of a tender evaluation process. Useful for executives to skim through and make quick decisions in their busy schedule rather than being presented with full report. The most useful information is placed in the top left. This dashboard was developed using Microsoft Excel, with the source data dynamically linked to a database.

portfolio - kpi dashboard

KPI Status Dashboard

This KPI dashboard allows one to observe the pattern of the three most-used status indicator (green, amber, and red) between several departments or business units. Small multiple bar charts are used instead of line charts in order to highlight the volume of the KPIs. Number displays are intentionally small because the aim of the chart is to display changes in the graph pattern. Developed on Microsoft Excel.

THE Rankings

Times Higher Education Rankings

Interactive dashboard that visually shows the Times Higher Education World University Rankings‘ two ranks, namely University Ranking and Reputation Ranking. Basic patterns can be gleamed from the visuals presented, such as the positive correlation between the two rankings and the majority of United States and European universities at the top of the rankings. Dashboard was made using Tableau and as such, the visual is highly interactive in nature. Play around with the data and let me know if you like to see more analysis. More information will be added and updated periodically.

Malaysia Salary Trend - Kelly Services

Malaysia Salary Trend – Kelly Services

Visualization of Kelly Services Salary Guide for Malaysia. Source data is from Kelly Services Malaysia. Data is visualized by industry, job position, qualification, and years of experience, portrayed over time from 2005 to 2013. Box-and-whiskers charts are used for displaying salary distribution based on the dimensions mentioned. Visual was made with Tableau Public.

JPJ Malaysia Summary of Registered Driver and Vehicle

JPJ Malaysia – Summary of Registered Drivers and Vehicles

Visualization of Malaysia’s Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) – Road Transport Department – registered drivers and vehicles from 2005 to 2012. Data source was extracted on 22-Nov-2013 from JPJ website here. Even though the source data do not contain detailed enough information – such as breakdown by state, vehicle cost, population, and others – much pattern can still be glimpsed. The almost-perfect linear growth of registered drivers is one of them. Visual was made with Tableau Public.