Each and every data is related to each other. Together, they can tell stories about the real message underlying those blocks of numbers. Analysing data is more than just plotting charts and writing brief observations.

At its core, data analysis is about communication. You write or present those data to tell stories, stories that would enthrall your readers or audience. To that end, you need skills more than just basic chart plotting and slide shows.

The courses below are structured as individual lessons that together, when combined, provide you with the necessary skills to communicate your data effectively. Some individuals may already possess a comfortable level of skills in some of these courses. For that reason, they are offered as separate courses, so that you may pick and choose the ones you need the most.


  • Effective Charting Technique. This beginner course will teach you how to choose and design the best charts and graphs in order to communicate your data in the most effective way to your intended audience.
  • Dashboard Reporting. Dashboard provides an effective means to view multiple, related data all in one screen to augment human’s limited short-term memory. Learn the basics of effective dashboard design in this course.
  • Visualizing Information. Presenting data is more than just making charts. It also requires an understanding of how the brain visualize its senses of sight, sound, and motion. Learn the basics of visualization and you will make better charts.


  • Statistical Analysis. This intermediate course is meant for those who work with massive amounts of data that require rigorous statistical methods. The course teaches methods from data collection to predictive analytics.
  • Database. In business intelligence, databases are akin to storage compartments you have at home. Each relates to one another. Learn the most effective method of analytics and ETL when dealing with different types of database systems.
  • Psychology of Perception. This course goes deeper into the concepts of cognitive psychology and neuroscience. An understanding of these concepts allows one to effectively design the best medium for data presentation.


  • Project Management for Business Intelligence Projects. This advanced course is meant for project managers who manage BI-related projects. It aims to help project managers by merging the best of project management frameworks and business intelligence best practices.
  • Data Research Methods. Any data research projects starts with a question that needs to be answered with facts. This academically-oriented module will structurally teach you the best methodology in order to generate the most complete and effective result using techniques from the academic world.
  • Organization and Business Intelligence. The disjoint between business intelligence and organizational goals primarily exist due to the lack of skills in relating the two domains. This course will teach you how best to relay analytical data to business leaders in ways that will benefit the organization.

Classes can be customized for individuals and groups. Rates will vary depending on class size, number of courses, and level of customization.┬áMail for more information. You may also participate in my forum’s training section or fill-out this contact form.